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Digital locks on gun safes are great… They provide fast, easy accessibility to your gun protected, jewelry safe, dwelling safe or enterprise secure with the added advantage of allowing you to decide on your own combination. However, after they don’t work it can be very frustrating. The good news is that U.L. The most common drawback in security safe digital locks is low battery. Most gun safes have excessive safety digital locks that are powered by one or two 9-volt batteries and are stored within the exterior keypad. Batteries sometimes last 12 to 18 months, but can final shorter or longer primarily based on utilization. A low battery condition could provide sufficient energy to generate lights and tones, you might even hear the familiar click on because the lock makes an attempt to open your safety protected. But, a low battery situation does not present sufficient power to fully disengage the lock. To unravel this problem entry the batteries by both rotating the keypad counter clockwise a quarter turn or by giving the keypad a slight upward push. This releases the keypad from the front of the safe permitting you access to the batteries. Be certain to use recent Energizer or Duracell batteries and be gentle when eradicating the old and replacing with the brand new. Typically the wires that connect the batteries are quite delicate. When new batteries are put in, reattach the keypad to your safety safe and your lock must be ready to function under full power and your custom combination should still be in memory. Another frequent problem with non-functioning security safe or gun safe locks is related to the handle position. If the secure handle is pressed absolutely in one course or the opposite it might jam the lock making it unable to launch when the correct mixture is entered. The answer is to search out the mid-level within the play of the handle and enter the mixture, your gun safe, jewellery protected or house secure ought to open. Newer users of security safes and digital locks are those most liable to the problem of delayed handle turn. One of the security features designed into gun protected excessive safety locks is response time. As soon as the combination is entered the handle have to be turned inside a couple of seconds, the exact time varies by producer however is mostly within the range of a few seconds. If the mixture is entered and that time passes the lock re-locks and the mix must be re-entered for the safety secure to be opened. Lock out mode is one other safety function designed into excessive security digital locks. If the incorrect combination is entered three or four occasions, the quantity varies by manufacturer, the security safe goes into lockout mode for 10 - 20 minutes. The combination is not able to be entered during this time. After the lock out interval is complete a single entry of the incorrect mixture will put the safety protected again into lockout mode, but the right combination, entered on the first attempt, will open the home protected, jewelry protected or gun secure. High security digital locks and good high quality security safes, gun safes, jewellery safes or dwelling safes present peace of mind that's properly definitely worth the investment. If you're not sure that your safe is sweet quality or should you need a protected, call or visit Most Security Safes. We are specialists in helping you choose the protected that greatest meets their needs at a value you'll be able to afford.