Greatest Electric Bike 2021

From GreatGameGuides

Granted, the very fact it is known as Curt makes us cringe slightly but it rides just as well because it seems to be. Sure, users can delve into a bespoke smartphone app and fiddle round with the electric motor settings till the cows come home, but assistance from the motor is so nicely judged, most might be pleased with it straight out of the box.

Talking of which, if you are used to non-electric cycles, bear in mind that e-bikes are heavy and capped at 25kph or 15.5mph. In lots of instances, electronic disposal that means the bike begins to really feel like its actively combating towards you, if you try to push the speed greater than that by pedalling. That's very true with heavier bikes, for obvious reasons, and can take a while to get used to.

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