Float Therapy - The Salt Room And Wellness Spa Saginaw

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- Be certain you will have snack or small meal an hour earlier than your float. A grumbling stomach might be quite distracting while you are attempting to chill out.
- Refrain from any caffeinated beverages three hours earlier than your float. The aim is to quiet your thoughts so you can profit fully and enter a terrific state of relaxation.
Don't use any physique oils, lotions or perfumes earlier than your float. This helps eradicate build up in the water.
Do not shave 24 hours earlier than your float. This opens your pours and will cause irritation from the salt.
- You might NOT float if you are in your menstrual cycle. We should reschedule your float if that difficulty arises.
- You might NOT float when you've got not too long ago dyed your hair. You must wait at the least 2 weeks and/or till your hair is washing out clear in the shower earlier than you may reschedule your float.

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Is there music?
Clients can select to float in silence, or they'll choose from the music supplied by our facility, in addition to, the choice to sync and play their own music during a session. Controls for the audio will be situated throughout the tank. Clients have full management over the quantity or can shut the music off entirely.