A Survey Of Ticks Infestation On Some Home Animals In Mubi Adamawa State Nigeria

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Infestation of home animals with ticks constitutes both a serious well being and economic drawback in livestock manufacturing. The study was conducted to determine the species of ticks infesting home animals corresponding to cattle, sheep and goats in Mubi cattle market, Adamawa State. Ten (10) each of cattle, sheep and goat were randomly chosen at Mubi Cattle Market at every collection date, and were examined for tick infestation. Ticks had been collected from totally different predilection sites. Ticks collected had been transferred to Safe-Lock Eppendorf tubes containing 70% ethanol. The specimens had been recognized to species level utilizing hand lens and dissecting microscope. A total of 232 adult ticks (17 male, 215 females) have been collected. Eight species of ticks had been recognized across three genera particularly Ripicephalus microplus (79.74%) was essentially the most prevalent, followed by Ripicephalus decoloratus (9.05%), Amblyomma variegatum (4.31%), Rhipicephalus simus (3.02%), Hyalomma dromedarii (2.16%), Amblyomma habraeum and Rhipicephalus appendiculatus (0.86%), respectively, and the least was Hyalomma truncatum (0.43%). Cattle were the most heavily infested (44.8%), followed by sheep (33.6%) and goat (21.6%). The research revealed that livestock in Mubi had been infested by sorts of ticks especially Ripicephalus microplus which was the best and located on all the animals examined.